Who We Are

The Haven Learning Center operates through Kingdom Minded Christian Ministries. We are believers in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior and that He died for our sins. We reserve the right to exhibit our beliefs through our character. We are also a non-denominational Christian church. Our services are held in the same location. Services are held on each Sunday morning at 11 am. Find out more at

The Director


Denise Braswell is a wife, mother, and grandmother all with an enormous passion for education.  Mrs. Braswell, affectionately known to her students as Ms. Denise, pioneered The Haven Learning Center with the financial backing of her supportive husband, Pastor Mark Braswell.  Together the two lead Kingdom Minded Christain Ministries.  The two of them are proud parents to their daughter, Amber, and son, Ryan.

Ms. Denise began her career in education as a certified substitute teacher for Shiloh High School in Snellville, Ga.  During her time as a substitute, Ms. Denise learned of the disparity of community support for students and families.  The Haven learning Center was birthed as a conduit of community, a safe place for students and supportive resources for parents.

The Haven first began as an after school program and academic summer camp. Soon after, The Haven expanded with a tutorial program and homeschool hosting.  Today ,The Haven is leading the way in academic coaching while continuing to offer support and guidance to their students.

Enrolled students and their families  quickly become new family members.  Ms. Denise often attends sports events and dance recitals of the students she oversees.  She believes that students must know that she cares beyond their latest test scores.  She has worked tirelessly to grow and improve the programs The Haven Learning Center has to offer.