Meeting Your Needs

The Haven Learning Center is dedicated to providing high-quality services for your academic needs Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.


Attention to Detail

Our staff provides supervision, monitoring, scheduling, and organizing of the school day and workweek. Each student participates in a planning meeting to be guided through the required assignments. The student's teacher(s) and staff provide all instruction for each lesson. Our staff becomes the student’s liaison in communication and navigation of online resources and lessons. We offer full week, partial weeks, and virtual learning options.


Full week: $125/week

3 days per week: $100/week

2 days per week: $80/week


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Tutoring Session

Summertime Tutoring

Personalized Education

Elementary, Middle, and High School Students:

Did your student grasp all the concepts necessary for the next grade level?

Did your student fully understand and achieve during virtual learning?

We'll ensure your student's skills and knowledge

One-on-One sessions available 

1 hour per session

We offer assistance for all academic subjects

Face to face and virtual sessions available

 Afternoons or evenings

Monday -Thursday


Starting June 1st - July 30th

Spaces are limited 

Registration fee $95

Per session cost. $35

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In the Classroom


Test Preparation

Students in grades 8th, 9th, and 10th are encouraged to enroll in the long-term preparatory class where they receive training in each section of the test.  The long-term test preparation plan offers an expansive familiarity of the test content which is able to thwart most testing apprehensions.

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Always Prepared

This program is designed to work directly with the student and their current teachers to create in-classroom success. Each hour is dedicated to the student’s style of learning. We offer one-on-one sessions in person or virtually.


1 subject: $35/hour

2+ subjects: $40/hour

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